Monday, March 31, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: Bohemians

Today's featured shop, Bohemians, features adorable ribbon bookmarks, zipper pulls, jewelry and other fun accessories. Based in Vancouver, BC, Bohemians is owned and operated by Kelley, and has already amassed an impressive 55 sales since opening less than a year ago. Here are a few of the items at Bohemians that caught my eye....

Ribbon Bookmark - Feather - Turquoise Howlite

Feather and Turquoise Bookmark, $11.16

Paris Metal Bookmark - Eiffel Tower, Heart & Teal Beads - Mini Book Hook in Antique Bronze

Eiffel Tower Mini Book Hook, $6.97

Hot Air Balloon Necklace - Antique Bronze & Crystal

Hot Air Balloon Necklace, $13.95

And if you're crafty, like me, don't forget to check out Bohemians' craft de-stash section, where you can find a wide array of jewelry charms for great prices!

Until next time...stay crafty!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Day in the Life of CraftyGirl

I thought I would take a break from all of the website and Etsy reviews to show ya'll what a typical day in my life is like. This week is a little bit different than the norm, since I'm on a twice daily antibiotic at the moment. So, there is a LOT of sleeping going on. :) But other than that, things are about the same.

I usually get up and grab a quick breakfast...Today, it was AppleJacks. (Not the healthiest, I know, but sooo delicious). I popped my pill and got to work online for a little bit before settling back down for a nap. After some much needed snuggling with my husband, I made us lunch (pizza.. sooo good) and got him ready to head out to work.

My body's exhausted, but I hate having unproductive days. So, I decided to make the soft pretzels that Hubby's been asking for. Here's a shot of the dough before it went into rise:

And for those of you who are wondering: yes, I do have two cookie jars. The apple doesn't fall too super far from the tree! (For those of you who don't know, my mom has collected cookie jars for years) My two (and ONLY two) cookie jars are a 1988 Pillsbury Doughboy and a Tasmanian Devil (aka, Taz) with s&p shakes.

With a little bit of rising and some magic......

Ta-daaaa! Soft pretzels.

Are you feeling a little creative today? You can find the recipe at the Food Network kitchens.

Another project I'm working on today is a custom baby blanket order. Here's a shot of how it's going so far:

It's about 8:30pm as I'm writing this post, and I still have to make dinner. Whoops. =) Dinner tonight is going to be italian breaded pork medallions, roasted potatoes, glazed carrots and salad. After dinner, I'm sure there'll be more crocheting, more dishes, and there will definitely be 1 more antibiotic dose in my future before I go to bed.

And that, my dears, is a day in the life of CraftyGirl.

Until next time, stay crafty!

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: LaceWigSeller888

Creativity isn't always limited to traditional arts and crafts projects. Creativity abounds in many, many different tasks, projects and items, even items that don't seem to be crafty. Basically, the ability to create, in whatever form, is something that should be celebrated.

And when that creativity is channeled, wonderful products can come out of it. Today's featured shop, LaceWigSeller888, specializes guessed it...lace wigs! What are lace wigs? Well, according to LaceWigSeller888's, lace wigs are "built from a unique cap design on a very sheer lace cap, and the key feature is that at the hairline, and when parted, a lace wig looks incredibly natural, as if the hair is growing right out of the scalp. The lace is adhered to your skin and disappears, you can even wear your unique lace wig in a ponytail or updo". 

A lot of celebrities use lace wigs. Have you ever wondered how a celebrity can have short hair one day, and long, gorgeous locks the next day? It's a wig! Wigs have a long and glorious history, going back as far as ancient Egypt. The more elaborate and involved the wig, the more esteemed and important the person was. In today's world, wigs are used as a means of having whatever hair length you want, whenever you want! 

With LaceWigSeller888's impressive inventory, there are so many options to choose from! Here are a few of LaceWigSeller888's products that caught my eye:

Celebrity Full Lace Wig-008

Have you ever wanted to look like a celebrity? Here's your chance! With Celebrity Wig-008, you can have gorgeous, flowing locks like the celebrity above! It's available in a variety of sizes, colors and lengths, and each wig is custom made, by hand, for the best quality.

Celebrity Lace Front Wig-024

Another one of my favorites, Celebrity Lace Front Wig-0024 is perfect if you want something shorter and sleek.

Silky Straight 16" Hair Color 613# Full Lace Wig

And last, but not least, is Silky Straight 16" Full Lace Wig, made of 100% Peruvian Hair . It's a great option, hand-tied and double knotted, and is sure to leave you feeling fabulous.

LaceWigSeller888 also has a storefront on eBay, with great feedback and a wonderful selection of products.

And, as if you needed another reason to love this shop, if you use coupon code SPECIAL10 on their website, LaceWigSeller88, you get $10 off your order!

Until next time, stay crafty!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: Flowers On 1st, in Vancouver, BC!


Here at CraftyGirl Merchandise, it's not always about the latest products, Etsy shops or coupon codes. Being crafty can translate into many things, and it certainly takes a lot of creativity to make wonderful flower arrangements! So let's give a great, big CraftyGirl welcome to Flowers On 1st - Vancouver, BC!

Flowers On 1st is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, and has a wide array of gorgeous flower arrangements and gifts available for great prices! With a wide array of delivery options near the Vancouver, BC area, Flowers On 1st is easily the best choice for your floral and gift needs. Here are a few of their products that caught my eye:


What girl doesn't love roses? This wonderful Half Dozen Roses Arrangement is a steal at only $45.00, and comes in a glass vase, with fillers and greens at no extra cost. Also, there is free chocolate included at no extra cost! Now, could you go wrong with roses and chocolate? This would make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life! Roses aren't just for Valentine's Day, but are a wonderful way to say "I love you" on any day of the year. Flowers On 1st has many other options for roses, including a Yellow Rose Bouquet and a Premium White Roses Arrangement.


Is there a new bundle of joy in your life to celebrate? Look no further than Flowers On 1st!  They offer wonderful arrangements to celebrate that special little someone, including the two pictured above: Their Baby Girl Arrangement and Baby Boy Arrangement are the perfect way to say congratulations! Flowers are a timeless, wonderful gift, and these arrangements can be delivered directly to the hospital, if you choose.


One of the best things about Flowers On 1st is that they have wonderful arrangements or gifts for any budget! This wonderful Gift Wrapped Cut Flowers Bouquet is only $34.99 and comes with a FREE box of Swiss Chocolates! It's the perfect choice for any occasion.

Not only does Flowers On 1st have a wonderful, high quality website, but you can also find them on Facebook, at Flowers On 1st, Vancouver. Flowers On 1st also has a wonderful YouTube video!

CraftyGirl's final word is this: If you're in the Vancouver, BC area and you're looking to order a gift for that special someone, go with Flowers On 1st! Their wide array of gifts for all occasions and budgets will leave you with an extra spring in your step, and extra change in your pocket!

Stay crafty!

come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:
come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:
come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:
come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:
come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:
come in a glass vase and include greens and fillers and the free chocolate is always included at no extra cost. - See more at:

Monday, March 24, 2014

CraftyGirl's New Product Line!

The other day, I was playing around with a photo editing software, coming up with a new background for my computer desktop. (I know, I'm a nerd). And I had a wonderful idea! Printable wall art! Now, Etsy is saturated with a lot of different printables, but I thought I would give it a try. :) So far I have three designs, and I'm working on a few more. Here's a little peek of what I've done :)

Live, Laugh, Love, Dance Pink Printable Wall Art - Instant Download - Girls Room Art Work Printable Download Pink

Live, Laugh, Love, Dance Pink Printable Wall Art, $3.50

That's What Little Boys Are Made Of - Boys Nursery Wall Art Instant Download - Nursey Wall Art Printable

That's What Little Boys Are Made Of - Boys Nursery Wall Art Instant Download, $3.50

You Are My Sunshine Printable Wall Art - Instant Download - Wall Art Printable

You Are My Sunshine Printable Wall Art, $3.50

Once purchased, you'll be able to download a PDF copy of each file (without the watermark across the front) and use in whatever craft projects you want! I personally think they'd be awesome printed and framed, but they're also great for scrapbooking projects and more!

You can also buy all three of them for the discounted price of $7.50. Check it out!   Set of 3 Printable Wall Art Files

What do you think? :)

Stay crafty!

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: LynnPaints

LynnPaints is an Etsy shop, based in southern Australia, that specializes in original paintings, handcrafted jewelry, stunning sun catchers and great vintage finds. Owner Lynn Saunders is a self-taught artist who loves to create and enjoys hunting down great vintage finds at garage sales and markets. Lynn is actually running a pretty amazing sale right now! Use coupon code "Savings" for 20% off any order over $10. Wow! :) (Offer valid until March 31st) Here are a few of her pieces that caught my eye. :)

Blue beads. Beaded suncatcher. Butterfly Suncatcher.Glass beads. Pearl beads. Faceted beads. Cryatal suncatcher. By LYNNPAINTS at etsy. FWB

Blue Beaded Butterfly Sun Catcher, $21.47

Spring Design // Sterling Silver blue glass beaded dangle earrings // Flip flop charms // Beach thong charms // Fashion accessory

Beaded Flip Flop Charm Earrings, $28

Magnolia flower painting. Flower painting. Pink flower painting. Tin vase painting. Original acrylic painting. By LYNNPAINTS on etsy. FWB

Original Hand Painted Magnolia Flower Painting, $37.34

Stay crafty! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: DideschDelights!

Based in Springfield, IA, Didesch Delights specializes in custom, framed burlap prints. Owner Ashley Didesch is an accountant by day, and a crafter by night. She has a large amount of already designed items for sale, or you can customize a burlap print to your liking. Here are some of her items that caught my eye:

Burlap Print - Easter - Easter Subway Art - Easter Eggs - Bunny - Holiday Art - Spring - Housewarming - 8.5 x 11 - Burlap ONLY

Easter Burlap Print, $20.

Framed Burlap Print - Baptism Frame - Gift for Godparent - Godmother - Godfather - Religious Dedication - Baptismal - 8x10

Custom Framed Baptism Burlap Print, $25+

Framed Burlap Print - Kitchen Art - Today's Menu - Fork Spoon - Take it Or Leave It - Country Kitchen - Gift - Hooks - Pot holder - 8x10

Framed Burlap Kitchen Art - Take It or Leave It - $25+

Framed Burlap Print - Lucky Jason Mraz Lyrics - Lucky I'm In Love With My Best Friend - Wedding - Anniversary - 8x10

Jason Mraz - Lucky - Lyrics Framed Burlap Print, $25+

Framed Burlap Print - Marry Me Train Lyrics - Today and Every Day - Wedding - Anniversary - 8x10

Train - Marry Me Lyrics - Framed Burlap Print, $25+

Stay crafty! :)

Friday, March 14, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: WyckedPrettyThings

Today's featured shop, WyckedPrettyThings, specializes in handmade and handpainted jewelry, as well as sun catchers. Here are a few of their things that caught my eye. :-)

Nice Angel Friendship Necklace
Nice Angel Friendship Necklace, $15.

Blue Abstract Suncatcher
Blue Abstract Suncatcher, $12.

Green Tree of Life Bronze Bracelet
Green Tree of Life Bracelet, $20.

Stay crafty! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: CableMeCozy

While on the Etsy forums tonight, I came across a thread by Becca, the owner of CableMeCozy, and I just had to take a look at her shop! While Becca has only been open for a few months, she already has an impressive 21 sales and her items are sure to keep you warm and cozy. I know we're almost into spring now, but it's still cold in some parts of the world, and it never hurts to be prepared! :-) So, here are a few of Becca's items that caught my eye. :-)

Oversized Bow Headband Ear Warmer Red Head Wrap Garter Stitch Valentine's
Red Oversized Bow Headband, $21.

Glitter Hair Ties Yoga Crease-less Ouch-less Glitter
Ouch-less Glitter Hair Ties, $4.10

Scalloped Boot Cuffs Toppers Green
Green Scalloped Boot Cuffs, $12.

Stay crafty!

Monday, March 10, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: ScrambledPegs

Today's shop, ScrambledPegs, features hand painted wooden peg dolls. ScrambledPegs features hand painted peg dolls from all sorts of movies and tv shows, including Gone with the Wind, Harry Potter, Psych and more, and they also do custom hand painted peg dolls! If I listed every one of their items that I loved, we'd be here all day! So here are a couple of my favorites:

Psych - Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster Wooden Peg Dolls
Psych Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster Peg Dolls, $20

The Office Wooden Peg Dolls
The Office; Wooden Peg Dolls, $40.

Harry Potter Wooden Peg Doll
Harry Potter Wooden Peg Doll, $10.

Check in later this week for another featured shop!

Stay crafty,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CraftyGirl's Newest Product

I've been searching for something new to make for the shop, and I think I stumbled upon a great idea. I'm working on more colors and styles now, but until then, here's the first listing!

Set of 3 Crocheted Heart Bookmarks - Pink & Purple

Set of 3 Crocheted Heart Bookmarks - Pink and Purple, $4.50. More styles and colors coming soon! :)