Thursday, May 29, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: LavaGifts

While creating a team treasury (that you can find here.) the other day on Etsy, I came across LavaGifts, a wonderful Etsy shop that creates custom, handmade wedding cake toppers and baby shower cake toppers. They are SO adorable! If I had known about LavaGifts when Alex and I were getting married, I would've loved to have purchased a topper from them (There's still always the baby shower toppers though!). Owner Shauna embraces a wonderful mix of colors shapes, with her most popular design being the Lovebirds. Here are a few of her items that caught my eye:

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper - Ivory, Fuchsia, Aqua and Mint Green, Love Birds in Nest - Personalized Heart, Keepsake
Rustic Wedding Cake Topper - Love Birds in Nest, $80

Wedding Cake Topper Banner - ALWAYS AND FOREVER - Custom Phrase and Colors
Wedding Cake Topper Banner - ALWAYS AND FOREVER, $18

Love Owls Wedding Cake Topper, Blue grey, Ivory and Grey, Custom Wood Stump, Bride and Groom Keepsake, Fully Custom
Love Owls Wedding Cake Topper, $115

Until next time... Stay crafty!
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Monday, May 26, 2014

Easy Panini Recipes! (Affiliate Post)

I came across a great eBook today. Paninis are one of my favorite sandwiches..roasted chicken, roast beef..doesn't matter what's on it, I love it! With the Easy Panini Recipes eBook, you'll get 4 additional books for FREE, for only $9.95! That's $20 off the original price!

What a deal. If you want to learn how to make great panini sandwiches, check out the Easy Panini Sandwiches eBook!

Stay crafty!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Free Pattern: Granny Heart Crochet Pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

You know me, I'm always on the lookout for great patterns. A friend of mine stumbled across this one and sent it to me, and I just adore it!

Meet the Granny Heart:

This granny heart crochet pattern has a twist - a beautiful daisy in the center. Perfect for use as a crochet dishcloth or a beautiful bunting, it's sure to brighten up any room.

From Daisy Cottage Designs, this adorable free crochet pattern works up quickly and features a picture perfect daisy in the middle! You can find the pattern here.

Happy crafting!

Owner, CraftyGirl Merchandise

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Etsy Find: Engraved Rolling Pins by ValekRollingPins

I was browsing through my activity feed when I noticed that someone I follow favorited the most amazing, engraved rolling pin..and I just had to take a look! This led me to ValekRollingPins, a wonderful shop from Poland that does incredibly amazing work with engraved rolling pins. Buying one of their rolling pins is definitely on my wish list now! Here's a few examples of their work:

Personalized rolling pin - Made by...pattern
Personalized rolling pin - Made by...pattern, $56.34

Embossing rolling pin - Geometric pattern - circles.
Embossing rolling pin - Geometric pattern - circles, $42.25

Embossing rolling pin - Dog pattern
Embossing rolling pin - Dog pattern, $42.25

Isn't their work gorgeous?  My regular rolling pins just seem so boring now! :-)

Until next time...stay crafty!
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Monday, May 19, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: SomethingSnappy

Opened in March 2012, SomethingSnappy features an array of earrings, rings, necklaces and more. Owner Barbra, located in Evansville, Indiana, accepts custom orders and occasionally has flash sales! Here are a few of her items that caught my eye:

Handmade Painted Mario Bullet Bill Mini Lanyard Charm
Handmade Painted Mario Bullet Bill Mini Lanyard Charm, $5.95

Dainty Minimalist Teal Turquoise Light Blue Magnasite Magnesite Stone Heart Copper Love Romantic Earrings
Dainty Minimalist Teal Earrings, $10

Rose Pink Ceramic Painted Owl Bird Earrings Post Dangle Cat Eye Beads Silver Plated Copper
Rose Pink Ceramic Painted Owl Bird Earrings, $12

Also, from now until July 31st, SomethingSnappy is offering 15% off! Use coupon code CGB15 for 15% off your purchase. :)

Until next time...stay crafty!
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Saturday, May 17, 2014 - Buy and Sell Handmade! (Sponsored Post)


Handmade, artisan products are getting bigger and better every day. Several marketplaces are available online to buy and sell handmade items, and their popularity is only growing. Today's post focuses on MyMisi, an online marketplace for buying and selling handmade items such as jewelry, crocheted accessories, and more. "MISI" stands for "Make It, Sell It", and the folks at MyMisi have made it their mission to bring quality, one of a kind handmade pieces to the online masses. With the success of Misi UK, it was decided to branch into the United States handmade community, and MyMisi was born.

As a buyer, you have wonderful perks: Being able to include your own flair of creativity in custom-made items, learning new crafts with purchased patterns, and being a part of a friendly and active community. You can even search for bargains and deals in their On Sale section!

There are also many perks to being a seller on MyMisi as well, including $0.20 listing fees, a small commission of 3% and listings lasting for 12 months, as opposed to some other sites' shorter listing times. The best thing of all, in my opinion, is that they have Paypal as one of the payment no matter whether you're a buyer or a seller, you've got the safety of PayPal in your transaction!

Here are some of the items on MyMisi that I found interesting:

Whipped Sugar Scrub
Whipped Sugar Scrub, $10.95

Beautiful Baltic Amber Necklace and Earrings Set
Beautiful Baltic Amber Necklace and Earrings Set, $75.70

4 Christmas knitting patterns robin, snowman, santa bear
4 Christmas knitting patterns, $10

There are new items being added on MyMisi every day, and you never know what treasures you'll find!

Until next time...stay crafty!
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Disclaimer: This is a post sponsored by I have been compensated a one-time fee for this post and will not be compensated for any links you may click. All images are property of their shop owners.

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: RicksChicksBoutique

Opened in December of 2013, RicksChicksBoutique features a wide array of crocheted and arm knitted infinity scarves. Owner Cate Ricks fully believes that "scarves are not just for winter, pair a plain tank top with a light infinity chain scarf and you have a fun and easy summer look!", which I agree with. :) Here are a few of her items that caught my eye:

Green Arm Knit Scarf, Chunky Cowl, Infinity Scarf, Spring Accessory, Mother's Day Gift

Green Arm Knit Scarf, $20

Jive Crocheted Infinity Chain Scarf, spring scarf, summer scarf, crochet necklace
Jive Crocheted Infinity Chain Scarf, $15

Boogie (Purple) Crocheted Infinity Chain Scarf, for Girls Teens Women
Boogie (Purple) Crocheted Infinity Chain Scarf, for Girls Teens Women, $15

Until next time...stay crafty!
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Friday, May 16, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop : LemonTree7

There's an overabundance of jewelry shops on Etsy, but once in a while you come across one that sticks out to you..whether it's for the owner Amanda's crisp, clear photos or stellar reviews, LemonTree7 sticks out to me. Featuring timeless styles, LemonTree7's necklaces and earrings would make a classic addition to almost any outfit. Here's a few of Amanda's items that caught my eye:

Violet Iolite Earrings, Natural Iolite Jewelry, Gemstone Stud Earrings, Fine Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver
Violet Iolite Earrings, $30

Dark Red Cubic Zirconia Necklace, Zirconia Pendant, Fine Jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver
Dark Red Cubic Zirconia Necklace, $25

Black Diamond Necklace, Genuine Diamond Jewelry, Little Black Dress, Fine Jewelry, Sterling Silver
Black Diamond Necklace, $70 

Be sure to check out LemonTree7 and see what jeweled treasures you can find. :)

Stay crafty!
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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rainy day recipe...

I wish I could say it's bright and sunny here, but it's been raining since last night. All. Day. Long. Goodness! I had to run out in the rain to bring in my newly-potted marigolds so they wouldn't "drown".

Rainy days like today are perfect for one pot comfort meals though. Soups, casseroles, hot name it. One of my favorite things to make when it's raining is potato soup.

Now, potato soup can take on a myriad of flavors, depending on what you put into it. Some like it cheesy, some like it pureed, and some like it any way they can get it. (That would be me!) My husband's favorite version is creamy, with chunks of potato, bits of bacon, and plenty of cheese...which is a lot like this classic recipe from Kraft, featured here. 

Bacon & Baked Potato Soup recipe

It's easy enough for a quick weeknight dinner, and a lot of the prep can be done in advance! Best of all, it's kid-friendly :)

So, be sure to check out Kraft's Bacon and Baked Potato Soup recipe for a great, easy classic :)

Until next time..stay crafty!


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I will not receive any money or reward if you click on the links above. I just like sharing recipes. :) All rights reserved, Kraft Corporation. I do not own the picture or recipe featured above

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Pattern: Red Heart Heavenly Lace Knit Wristers!

Red Heart has a LOT of free patterns to choose from, and is one of my go-to destinations when I feel like trying a new project. Here's a pattern I came across today:

Heavenly Lace Knit Wristers

The Heavenly Lace Knit Wristers pattern is one I'm sure to try if I ever pick up knitting! I really like the pink/purple color of the yarn they used.. What do you think?

Stay crafty!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Scrap Yarn Crochet : Free Floral Bookmark Pattern

In my browsing today, I came across this super cute Free Crochet Floral Bookmark Pattern, from the blog Scrap Yarn Crochet. Blogger Cherie Durbin, from North Carolina, shares with us a pattern for one of her projects with scrap yarn, the crochet floral bookmark. Here's a picture of her completed work:

Be sure to check out the pattern here.

Stay crafty! :)


Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Pattern : Pumpkin Crocheted Pincushion!

As I was browsing online for patterns today, I came across this adorable pattern for a Pumpkin Crocheted Pincushion.

Here is the pattern owner's picture of the finished product:

Isn't it cute? :) I think it would be great for a fall themed present!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

CraftyGirl's Featured Project: Carrot Carryall Drawstring Pouch

I stumbled across this adorable pattern a few days ago, and I thought I'd share!  The  Free Carrot Carryall Crochet Pouch pattern is adorable, and I've already made one and just love it! Here's the pattern owner's picture of the finished product:

Isn't it so cute?! I think it would be perfect for little Easter or spring gifts, or even just for a little girl (or little girl at heart) to carry her stuff in :)

I'll post a picture of my finished product in a little bit!

Until then, stay crafty...