CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: MailedIT

Today's featured shop has unlimited creativity. When most of us think of chainmaille, we think of medieval armor. Owner Shawn has taken chainmaille and formed it into creative pieces that are anything but boring. Check out MailedIT, based in Boise, Idaho. Crafting everything from scratch, Shawn makes his own chainmaille rings and has competitive prices. He also enjoys making items out of chainmaille that most people wouldn't expect; a perfect example of this is the chainmaille tie below! Here are a few of Shawn's products that caught my eye:

Gear and hex nut necklace, Women's steampunk jewelry, Chainmaille necklace, stainless steel, industrial fashion, neo Victorian 

Chainmaille necktie, slim tie, straight tie.

Chainmaille hanging lamp, metal hanging lamp,  Pendant Light, industrial lamp, industrial decor, unique lighting. 

Chainmaille purse, handbag, metallic purse, silver purse, unique purse, unique womens gifts

Hex nut Christmas ornament, silver Christmas tree, chainmaille ornament, metal Christmas ornament, holiday decoration, unique guy gifts 

Make sure to check out MailedIT for more great chainmaille creations!

Until next time...stay crafty (and rock handmade chainmaille)!
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