CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: MRBBridal

A wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. Wedding planning can be chaos, but one of the best parts of planning is picking out your dress and accessories. Today's featured shop gives you plenty of options for one of the most popular wedding accessories - bridal garters! Check out Etsy shop MRBBridal, based in Minneapolis, MN. Opened in summer 2014, MRBBridal has an impressive 1200+ sales, with over 300 items in their shop to choose from. The owners of MRBBridal also have two other Etsy shops, MyRadiantBeauty (which provides faux-fur bridal accessories) and MRBCreation (which offers rhinestone sashes to compliment your beautiful wedding dress). Right now, all items in MRBBridal are being offered at a special 30% discount - no coupon code needed! Here's a very special top 7 picks from Etsy shop MRBBridal:

Bridal Garter, Garter, Wedding Garter, Chiffon Rosette Ivory and Coral Red Garter, Belt, Sexy Garter, Handmade Garter, Garter Set GTF0026CR 

Garter, Bridal Garter, Wedding Garter Set, Crystal Applique Garter, Navy Blue Garter, Handmade Rhinestone Garter, Beaded Garter GTA0045 

Wedding Garter, Garter, Bridal Garter, Plum and Mint Green Shabby Rosettes Chic Garter Set, Garter Belt, Wedding Handmade Garter GTF0043 

Wedding Garter Set, Garter, Bridal Garter Set, Crystal Applique Garter, Wedding Rhinestone Garter, Handmade Garter Set, MRB Bridal GTA0016 

Wedding Garter, Garter, Bridal Garter, Rustic Garter, Handmade Garter, Ivory Cream Garter, Sexy Garter, Burlap Garter, Lace Garter GTF0024C 

Wedding Garter, Bridal Garter, Garters, Crystal Garter, Turquoise Blue Rhinestone Garter, Handmade Custom Garter, Sexy Garter Set GTA0039TUR 

Garter, Wedding Garter, Bridal Garter, Burlap Garter, Rustic Garter, Handmade Garter Set, Violet Purple Shabby Garter, Garter Belt GTF0025V 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

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