Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day 2016

It's Leap Day! Are you ready to "leap" into spring? I know I am. It's been 60 degrees here the past two days, and I'm loving it! Spring is probably my favorite season - at the end of a long, dreary winter, it's the perfect season and I love seeing the weather change, and the flowers bloom. I'm hoping to get some seedlings started in the next few weeks for our garden; we're going small this year, since we don't want to have to lift heavy, full planter boxes this summer when we move. I'm thinking some flowers, tomatoes and herbs - a perfect fragrant combo.

I hope y'all are having a wonderful leap day and are looking forward to spring! :)

Until next time, stay crafty (and enjoy the weather)!

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: CareysCountryComfort

The owner:  Emily from Pittsburgh, PA

The products:  Colorful crocheted housewares, accessories and home decor! Make sure to check out Emily's Facebook page for giveaways, updates and more.

Fun facts:  Emily loves crocheting and admits that she'd keep crafting even if she didn't have an Etsy shop!

Reviews & Sales:  95 sales and a 5 star average review rating

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop CareysCountryComfort:

Daisy Crochet Cotton Potholders - Spring Kitchen - Hot pads - Kitchen Accessory - Kitchen Decor - Flower Potholder - Thick Pot Holders 

Cotton Crochet Loofah (Extra Large)  - Bath Puff - Shower Pouf - Eco-Friendly Spa  - Bath and Body - Bath Accessory 

Large Crochet Cotton Dishcloth (Set of 3) Yellow, White & Cool Breeze Ombre - Dish Rag - Spring Kitchen- Eco Friendly - Housewarming Gift 


Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ranch Veggie Roll-ups

Years ago, my mom had a Pampered Chef party...and one of the recipes that the consultant demonstrated was Cool Veggie Pizza. Buttery crust, ranch cream cheese spread and lots of crisp, fresh vegetables - delicious! It's been a family favorite over the years and I'm always looking for new ways to try it.

After being inspired by various pinwheel recipes I had seen online, I wondered...what if I made Cool Veggie Pizza into a roll-up? (Spoiler: it's delicious) So, armed with my curiosity and plenty of vegetables, I decided to give it a try. 

Ranch Veggie Roll-ups are easy, fun to make, and perfect as a party snack or a light lunch on their own! Simply spread a flour tortilla with ranch cream cheese (either a store-bought spread or your own) and layer on thin slices of your favorite vegetables and cheese. (Hubby and I like cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, cheddar cheese and roasted chicken on ours.) Starting at one end, tightly roll the tortilla up - almost like you're making sushi. Secure with toothpicks and slice with a serrated knife into little 1 inch pieces. Delicious!

What do you think?

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: EmelysPlannerShop

The shop:  EmelysPlannerShop

The owner:  Emely from Switzerland

The products:  A fun, colorful assortment of stickers, labels, and more to make your personal planner stand out. Use coupon code WELCOME for 15% off your order!

Fun facts:  With a passion for graphic design, Emely loves creating a variety of unique stickers, and gladly accepts custom orders.

Reviews & Sales:  Opened in January 2016, EmelysPlannerShop has 97 sales and a 5 star average review rating :)

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop EmelysPlannerShop:

Clear Washing Stickers Household Stickers Planner Stickers Erin Condren Functional Stickers Daily Chore Stickers Decal Sticker 387 

Weekly Kit Stickers Weekly Planner Kit Erin Condren Weekly Planner Planner Stickers Erin Condren Live Planner Functional Stickers SET010 

Roses Washi Tape Stickers Washi Stickers Washi Tape Style Stickers Planner Stickers Erin Condren Decorative Stickers Live Planner WA002 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Friday, February 26, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: redrubyrose

The shop:  redrubyrose

The owner:  Rowena Dugdale from Gairloch, Scotland

The products:  Vibrant, sophisticated clutches, coin purses, and more accessories that ship worldwide.

Fun facts:  Rowena offers bridal party discounts; make sure to contact her for more information!

Reviews & Sales: Very impressive - 5000+ sales and and a 5 star average review rating :)

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop redrubyrose:

Peacock clutch bag, customized wedding purse, custom bridesmaid gift, embroidered silk, PEACOCK FEATHERS 

Petite pocket purse, pleated coin pouch, embroidered silk, mini bag, bridesmaid gift, WHITE WOODLAND 

Clutch purse, zipper bag, for her, pouch, black and white branches, reflection, TWIGS 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: Nakkashe

The shop:  Nakkashe

The owner:  Anakiz from Turkey

The products:  Delicate, beautiful crocheted jewelry - Use coupon code CRAFTY20 for 20% off your purchase between now and June 2016!

Fun facts:  Anakiz and her assistant designer Zeynep crochet intricate pieces of jewelry with slim lace thread, making them delicate and lightweight. I think they'd make great gifts and would also be amazing accessories for music festivals! (Coachella, anyone?)

Reviews & Sales:  590+ sales and a 5 star average review rating

Here's a very special top 7 picks from Etsy shop Nakkashe:

Crochet Necklace Crochet Flower Necklace / Statement Neclace / Boho Crochet Bead Necklace / Crochet Choker / Gift under usd 30 

Crochet Necklace Crocheted Leaves Choker Necklace - Fall Colors - Turkish Oya Jewelry - Multicolor Statement Necklace - Tatted Lace Jewelry 

Crochet Necklace Red Blue White Layered Star Necklace Crochet Star Beaded Necklace with Stone Beads Choker 04th of July Knitted textile Jewe 

Crochet Necklace Bold Colorful Statement Motif Crochet Circle Necklace – Stone Bead Crochet – Stacked – Layered – Christmas – Holiday – Gift 

Crochet Statement Necklace ~ Orange Floral Thread ~ Spring Gift for Her, Mother’s Day   ~ Boho Chic Statement Jewelry 

Pastel colors Crochet Necklace  Boho Chic Unique Crochet Jewelry, Festival costume Summer Necklace Gift For Her 

Colorful  Motif Crochet Circle Necklace – Stone Bead Crochet  Unique Statement Jewelry - Bohemian Necklace, Summer Jewelry 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: InfiniteCreationsPa

The shop:  InfiniteCreationsPa

The owner: Carey Weber from Baden, PA

The products: Handcrafted, all natural cold-process soaps & body scrubs. Carey is having a special Leap Day sale on February 29th from midnight to 11:59pm - use coupon code Leapyear29 for 29% off your order of $25 or more!

Fun facts:  InfiniteCreationsPa's products coming in a variety of scents, including vanilla, sweet apple and toasted coconut. You can get squeaky clean while smelling delicious!

Reviews & Sales: 1 sale (so far!) and one glowing, 5 star review :)

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop InfiniteCreationsPa:

All Natural-Handmade Orange Cold Process Soap 

Variety of All Natural-Handmade-Cold Process Soap-Gifts for everyone 

Pink Sweet Apple Cold Process Handmade Soap-All Natural-Gift for her 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Monday, February 22, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: KarenGriskaQuilts

The shop:  KarenGriskaQuilts

The owner:  Karen Griska from Litchfield, Connecticut

The products:  Colorful handmade quilts & original quilt patterns, made thoughtfully to make quilting a low-stress, fun experience.

Fun facts:  Karen has been quilting since 1966, and gladly welcomes questions from fellow quilters via the Etsy Contact button :)

Reviews & Sales:  A very impressive 4,000+ sales and a 5 star review rating.

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop KarenGriskaQuilts:

Ferris Wheel Quilt Pattern, Fan Quilt, Fun Scrap Quilt, pdf, qtm 

Quilt Knots, Quilt Pattern, Ten Ways to Tie a Quilt, How to Tie a Quilt, PDF, qtm 

The Stacks Quilt Pattern, Modern Scrap Quilt Pattern, Easy Quilt, PDF, Instant Download, qtm 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: TolsenAndTimber

The shop:  TolsenAndTimber

The owner:  Adam Ellis & his wife

The products: Custom engraved gifts and housewares - including some pretty amazing custom cutting boards.

Fun facts:  After making custom gifts for friends & family, Adam & his wife decided to branch out and open their shop on Etsy :)

Reviews & Sales:  680+ sales and a 5 star average review rating

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop TolsenAndTimber:

I Cook Periodically – Periodic Table Cutting Board – Science Art, Engraved Wood Kitchen Decor, Geekery, I Enjoy Cooking 

Custom Beer Growler 64oz – Laser Engraved Growler – Groomsman, Birthday, Homebrew, Craft Beer, Cold Brew 

SALE! - Personalized Engraved Hammer - Valentine's Day, Dad's Gift, Birthday Gift, Groomsman, Wedding, Father's Day, Wood Hammer, Wooden 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CraftyGirl's Featured Shop: ForeverMootsy

The shop:  ForeverMootsy

The owner:  Heidy Valdes

The products:  Eco-friendly, stylish dog leashes & collars. Use coupon code THANKU10 for 10% off your purchase between 2/20/16 and 3/13/16!

Fun facts:  Blending care for the environment and for animals, ForeverMootsy's products are made with 100% cotton rope & are hand-dyed in Long Beach, CA.

Reviews & Sales:  31 sales and a 5 star average review rating!

Here's my top 3 favorite items from Etsy shop ForeverMootsy:

Natural White Dog Leash - Grey Hemp Twine 

Teal Ombré Rope Dog Leash 

Natural White Dog Leash - Navy Blue Hemp Twine 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

Oreo Truffles from Kraft Recipes

Valentine's Day was this past weekend, and I decided to make some candy for the big event. As usual, I made way too much - luckily for my family and neighbors! One of my favorite candy recipes that I made this weekend comes from Kraft Recipes - check out these delicious Oreo Truffles.