CraftyGirl Creates: LaSpeziafinejewelry

The shop:  LaSpeziafinejewelry

The products:  High-quality diamond necklaces, rings & more, inspired by Italian designs.

Fun facts:  With years of experience in the diamond trade, La Spezia's owners' main focus is the customer's satisfaction - making each sale the best possible experience for every customer.

Reviews & Sales:  Recently opened, LaSpeziafinejewelry has 3 sales and 2 glowing reviews :)

It's a bit hard to choose which items are my favorite - they're all so beautiful! - but here's 3 of my favorites:

Flower Pendant , 18k Gold and Diamonds Pendant, Diamonds Flower Pendant 

Pear Diamond Ring Engagement Ring Diamond Engagement Pear Engagement Ring Pear Ring Wedding Ring Gold Ring Gold Engagement Ring Solitaire 

Black and White Diamond Earrings Stud Earrings Pave Earrings Gold Earrings Bridal Earrings Diamond Studs Diamond Jewelry Wedding Earrings 

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!

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