CraftyGirl's Tips: Fill Out Your Etsy Policies Section


I love featuring Etsy shops - seeing shops from all over the world is almost like traveling from the comfort of your laptop (or phone). I'm also a frequent buyer on Etsy - birthday presents, just because presents, etc. As much as I love an item, there's one thing that can stop me (and most buyers) from purchasing : a blank policies section.

I almost can hear you saying, "Really? That would stop you?"..Well, yes. If there aren't any policies laid out, how do you know what you (as a buyer) are getting into? Information about shipping, returns, defects, etc, are very important as a buyer. It's important to know how you're covered.

So, if you're an Etsy seller, I strongly recommend that you take a look at your Policies section and make sure you have it filled out...not only for your buyers' protection, but for your own.

Until next time, stay crafty (and buy handmade)!