SmartSeeds: Rare Flower & Vegetable Seeds

 Next year, I'm planning on having a huge garden at our new house - plenty of fruits and vegetables. While browsing online for seeds, I came across SmartSeeds on Etsy - I already have several of their seeds bookmarked to purchase for planting :) I think my favorite are the rainbow heirloom carrots!

The shop:  SmartSeeds

The owner:  Mia from Claremont, CA

The products:  Rare flower seeds, heirloom vegetable seeds and more - from all over the world! 

Fun facts:  SmartSeeds offers 300+ items to choose from; rare seeds, that you wouldn't find in your ordinary gardening catalog.

Reviews & Sales:  A whopping 57,000+ sales with a 5 star average review rating

Here's my top 3 favorite picks from Etsy shop SmartSeeds:

Rainbow Carrot Mix - seven fancy heirlooms, 350 seeds, spring garden, fun for kids, non GMO, crazy colors 

Aloe polyphylla, spiraling succulent, 5 rare seeds, almost extinct, cool climate aloe, Lesotho native, South Africa, collectors plant 

Sky Flower, Duranta repens, 25 seeds, tall fragrant shrub, blue blooms, golden berries, warm zones 8 to 11, fast grower, container, indoors 

Until next time, stay crafty!

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